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Finding your dream property can be a very simple process when using Rainforest Realty as your Buyers Agents. The key is trusting in someone to help you navigate all the possibilities that meet your personal desires and dreams, depending on  a Realtor® not to hard sell you but to take the time to match your property and location parameters to enhance your life experience, and to protect your interest throughout the entire purchasing process. Rainforest Realty is committed and dedicated to our clients.

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The Difference between the terms Real Estate Agent & Realtor® ?


 Real Estate Agents

  • Real Estate Agent is a general term used to define a person or organization that sells real estate. The term does not imply any requirements of standards of practice or code of conduct.
  • Real Estate Agents (people selling real estate) or companies selling real estate are not held to a code of ethics or conduct unless the area upon which they do business requires a license to practice real estate and the governing body of that license requires an oath as part of requirement to be licensed.
  • Where there are no laws governing the conduct of Real Estate Agents, there are NO consequences for behavior detrimental to clients whether they be buyers or sellers of Real Estate.


Belize DOES NOT govern the practice of selling Real Estate – It’s BUYER BEWARE!



  • Realtor® is a term used for individuals or companies that  have committed through yearly dues and most importantly a strict code of ethics to the governing body of the trade organization the National Association of  Realtors® (NAR).
  • NAR owns the TRADEMARKS associated with the term Realtor® or logos such as the large blue “R” you see above.
  • It is ILLEGAL to use any of these trademarks unless you are a member of the trade association NAR which governs the culture upon which Realtors® are expected to conduct business.
  • NAR requires Realtors® to adhere to a strict code of ethics and requires specific levels of sanctioned education for any designations of specialty upon which Realtors® choose to market themselves.
  • There are severe consequences if it is discovered that a Realtor® is not conducting business per the NAR code of ethics and conduct.


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